Maji & Maji Filmproduktion GmbH

Who can access the fountain

should not go to the water pot

Leonardo da Vinci

MAJI is Swahili and means WATER.

MAJI & MAJI is a film production company standing for transparency and emotion putting the vitality of images into service for our clients.
Water symbolizes the vividness, motion and fluidity of life and is a legendary medium for absorption and transport.

During my stay in Africa I came to know the meaning of water in a new dimension. The preciousness of water becomes distinct when it is rare. This clear, flowing element is vital for all of us and the key element to creating life on our planet. In 1905, the name MAJI-MAJI entered African history. Some people who firmly believed in dreams of freedom and justice also thought magic water would protect them from an enemys bullets.
Our name is our program: MAJI & MAJI creates a unique world of images, images that help communicate clearly and flowingly, images moving and fascinating at the same time.

Maji & Maji Filmproduktion GmbH

It is the stories

and not the facts

that move people

Moving pictures stand for touching emotion, professionally combined with the most important fact ? that makes the medium film an essential element of company communications. Numbers, analyses and facts only seemingly move the world. Decisions are made according to instinct. Only 7 % of all decisions are made rationally. No wonder ? knowing that 90% of all processes take place subconsciously.

The symbiosis of image worlds and profound words put the core of your product, your company, your event and you as a person into focus. It is this distinctive essence that we make visible and it is our mission to uniquely show strong, dynamic, values and visions, again and again, enthusiastically!

Maji & Maji Filmproduktion GmbH

Martin Boucsein

Journalist and communication specialist.

>> Film studies in
Fribourg, Switzerland
New York City, USA

>> Script writer and film maker in
 Bujumbura, Burundi, among others for the United Nations

>> Founder, and during 5 years, managing director and share holder of Artspectrum Werbeagentur GmbH in Hamburg

>> Founder, managing director and share holder of MAJI & MAJI Filmproduktion GmbH

Ulf Behrens

Director, writer and camera operator

>> Studies of sociology, philosophy, visual communications, direction in Darmstadt, Hamburg, Cologne, Havanna

>> Numerous movie shorts and documentaries with international awards.

Eva-Christiane Wetterer

Free-lance writer, copy and script writer.
In the MAJI Team since 1999

Numerous books published:
>> The Hot Wire Into the Future (Der heiße Draht in die Zukunft)
Heyne 2006

>> The Art of Deciding Correctly (Die Kunst der richtigen Entscheidung)
Murmannn-Verlag 2005

>> The Third Side of the Moon (Die dritte Seite des Mondes)
Heyne 2005

>> Heroes, Where Does Love Go if it Leaves? (Helden, Wohin geht die Liebe, wenn sie geht)
Heyne 2003

Success means:

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our staff consists of an experienced team of free lancers ? authors, directors, camera operators, gaffers, sound engineers and editors from the top league of the German film industry -- highly creative people with the sure instinct and experience that make each scene a brilliant happening of images.

Maji & Maji Filmproduktion GmbH
  • "We loved the DVD, it was perfect for what we want to tell our customers. "

    Client from USA

  • "Your team is working very hard and the video-shooting goes according to our plans."

    Client from Sweden

  • "DVD is great. Have discovered a few items that need to be changed and are totally happy"

    Client from Germany

  • "Im so proud of it. It was you and your team that gave a chance to finalize such an excellent product. I enjoyed working together with you?."

    Client from Malaysia

  • "He loved it, thought it was a great message, I loved it as well. Looking forward to the next part." Client from USA

  • "I've just received the master DVD, the final result is great.”

    Client from Brazil

  • "I'am so proud of it. It was you and your team to gave a chance to finalize such an excellent product. I enjoyed working together with you..."

    Client from Malaysia

  • "The film has arrived and I find it great!!! Good job, many thanks!"

    Client from Germany

  • "The selection of training sequences is perfect and all is well balanced."

    Client from Germany

The dignity that lies in the move of

an iceberg is that only one eighth

of it is above the water
Ernest Hemingway

We could tell many success stories but we would like to leave it up to the most important people for our company,

our clients.

More than 20 years MAJI & MAJI, this means also
the realization of hundreds of films for many different client wishes.

This means several film awards and it means the chance of being able to start each day with a new adventure called: The next film is the most important film in the world.

Those who watch these films

recognize our strength,

our vision, our humanity

Corporate videos
Advertising films for cinema and TV
PR films
Product films
Internet Content
Films for trade shows
Live events with large scale screens
Live transmission
Event documentations
TV press materials

Maji & Maji Filmproduktion GmbH

He who does not go

into the water

can never learn to swim


Safe at last

>> GOLD at the 40. Annual Media Festival of the Media Communications Association-International
Los Angeles, USA

>> Certifcate for creative excellence,
41. US International Film and Video Festival
>> intermedia-globe gold at the WorldMediaFestival
>> GOLD at the 15. ITVA Festival


>> Intermedia-globe silver beim WorldMediaFestival

AGILENT-Dreams made real

>> intermedia-globe silver beim WorldMediaFestival

Welcome to the world of MAQUET

>> Certificate for Creative Excellence beim
32. U.S. International Film and Video Festival
Chicago USA

Echt Intensiv

>> Diplom mit dem Prädikat GUT beim
XVI. Deutschen Industrie- und Wirtschaftsfilm-Forum